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International Art Festival INTERFESTInternational Art Festival INTERFEST

We are proudly announce that from May 15 to May 17, 2020, the Second stage of the VIII International Art Festival "Interfest" will take place in St. Petersburg. The festival program includes:
  1. Performances by directions:
    • Dance show of various directions (ballroom show, modern choreography, ethnic dance, folk stylization, etc.)
    • Classical choreography (classical ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, modern jazz etc.)
    • Modern choreography (street dances, contemporary etc.)
    • Arts of the movement (including martial arts)
    • Vocal
    • Instrumental Performance
    • Poetry reading
  2. Master classes for participants and trainers
  3. Education program for team leaders and trainers with the issuance of state certificates (advanced training, 72 training hours)
  4. Accommodation in double and triple rooms
  5. Three meals a day
  6. Cultural program for participants and trainers
Applications for participation are accepted until March 31. Applications with discounts — until March 15.

Festival schedule

Start time Program End Time
May 15
11:00 Excursion program: Grand Maket Russia museum (optional) 13:00
14:00 Collectives settlement 15:00
15:30 WADF Conference. Opening speech by the founder of the World Federation of Artistic Dance Nils-Håkan Carlzon. 18:00
17:30 Presentation of WADF International Judge Award Certificates to Conference Participants 18:00
19:00 Dinner 20:00
21:00 Round table for the panel of judges 22:00
May 16
7:00 Breakfast 8:00
8:30 Registration of participants 10:00
10:00 Opening of the festival. The beginning of the I Division 12:30
12:30 Lunch 13:00
13:00 Registration of participants 14:00
14:00 The beginning of the II Division 16:30
16:30 Registration of participants 17:30
17:30 Baltic Sea Cup — I Division of the Cup 20:30
21:00 Round table and buffet for team leaders 22:00
21:00 Dinner 22:00
May 17
7:00 Breakfast 8:00
8:30 Participants registration 10:00
10:00 Baltic Sea Cup — II Division of the Cup 15:00
12:00 Master classes for participants 14:00
14:00 Master classes for trainers 16:00

WADF Baltic Sea CupWADF Baltic Sea Cup

Nomination Program Details
Baby Debut Wa, Sa, Cha, Jv Solo only, 3-7yo
Baby Beginners Wa, Sa, Cha, Jv Solo and Duets, 3-7yo
Juveniles Debut Wa, Sa, Cha, Jv Solo only, 8-11yo
Juveniles Beginners Wa, Sa, Cha, Jv Solo and Duets, 8-11yo
Juveniles Open Wa, Qv, Vw, Sa, Cha, Jv Solo and Duets, 8-11yo
Juniors Beginners Wa, Qv, Vw, Sa, Cha, Jv Solo and Duets, 12-15yo
Juniors Open Wa, Qv, Ta, Vw, Sa, Cha, Ru, Jv Solo and Duets, 12-15yo
Adults Beginners Wa, Qv, Ta, Vw, Sa, Cha, Ru, Jv Solo and Duets, 16-54yo
Adults Open Wa, Qv, Ta, Vw, Sa, Cha, Ru, Jv Solo and Duets, 16-54yo
Baby Open Acrobatic Dance Solo and Duets, 3-7yo
Juveniles Open Acrobatic Dance Solo and Duets, 8-11yo
Juniors Open Acrobatic Dance Solo and Duets, 12-15yo
Adults Open Acrobatic Dance Solo and Duets, 16-54yo

Accomodation of the participantsAccomodation of the participants

The hotel is located in the city center, a five-minute walk from the train station and a ten-minute walk from the main tourist attractions. All participants are accommodated in the hotel complex in double and triple rooms (optional extra beds are available).

Venue and dance floor featuresVenue and dance floor features

Dance performances and master classes for participants and team leaders are held on the dance floor of the cultural center "ESOD". Size of the dance floor for the Festival and the Cup: 16 by 12 meters (not including the stage).

WADF conferenceWADF conference

During the days of the Interfest Festival and the Baltic Sea Cup, a WADF training conference will be held with lectures for coaches and team leaders. The founder of the World Artistic Dance Federation, Nils-Håkan Carlzon, will speak at the conference. As a result of the conference, its participants will be awarded the titles of international category judges of the WADF.

Anyone wishing to participate in the conference and apply for registration as an international judge of WADF can contact the Organizing Committee by phone +7 (495) 733 3090 or by email i@wafa.news.

Exhibition of Fine ArtsExhibition of Fine Arts

During the Interfest festival will be held an exhibition of works of fine and applied art provided by the participants of the festival. Everyone who wants to demonstrate their achievements not only in dancing and performing arts can apply for participation in the exhibition at least two weeks before the festival.

To do so, write to us by email i@wafa.newsand send us some photos of your work. For participants in the sports devisions of Interfest and the Baltic Sea Cup, participation in the exhibition is free of charge.


All participants are awarded with souvenir prizes and diplomas of participation. Collective's representatives won in festival nominations receive medals and cups, as well as the right to participate in the foreign stage of the festival, which will be held in Northern Macedonia in July and August 2020, without registration fee.

International stage of the FestivalInternational stage of the Festival

The final stage of the festival in the season 2019-2020 will be held in the city of Ohrid (Northern Macedonia) on the coast of a mountain lake. Concert performances will be held from July 25 to August 10, 2020 in various cities of Macedonia.


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